Oct 14 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Howl 0.4.1 released!

We are very happy to announce the release of Howl 0.4.1 (download available here). This is a minor maintenance release, and as such it contains mainly compatibility fixes for a few bigger issues:

  • Support for theming changes in newer Gtk versions

Newer versions of Gtk+ 3 introduced changes with regards to custom theming, resulting in the following error when trying to start Howl:

(howl:2048): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: <data>:11:31: Using Pango
syntax for the font: style property is deprecated; please use CSS syntax
  • Fix Howl UI layout for some version/combination of WM/compositor, etc.

As seen on ElementaryOS, there was a problem that manifested itself as a very wide margin outside of the actual Howl window. Issue 200 has more information.

  • FreeBSD build fixes

Thanks to maxc01 Howl now builds cleanly out of the box on FreeBSD without the need for any patches (still requires gmake though).

  • Themable scrollbars

Scrollbars can now be themed as well (requires newer versions of Gtk). While this may not sound like a show stopper in itself, the lack of styling became a real problem when the default scrollbar color blended in to well with a theme, in effect making it invisible.