A HelpContext is an object that contains help information presented to the user. It is typically created to be passed to interactions and the CommandPanel.



Add a text section to this help object. The section argument is a table containing heading and text fields, both of which should be strings.


Add keystroke information to this help object. The key_defs argument is a dictionary that contains the keystroke as the key and the help text as the value. Here is an example:

  ctrl_w: 'close this window'
  'cursor-down': 'select next element'

Note that the key can be either a keystroke name such as ctrl_w or a command name such as 'cursor-down'. When a command is specified, the displayed text contains the shortcut keystroke associated with that command.

get_buffer ->

Returns an ActionBuffer containing all the help information added to this object.

merge(other_help_context) ->

Merge all help information from other_help_context into this one.