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Apr 26 2016 — A tour of the Howl editor

Ryan sat down a while ago and made an introductory video for Howl, where he amongst other things gives an overview of basic key bindings, configuration and talks about the various ways Howl can be extended.

If you’re new to Howl this provides a nice introduction to various aspects of the Howl editor, and if you’re already a user you get the chance to see a fellow user’s perspective on Howl and perhaps pick up a few tricks along the way.

Watch it on YouTube or directly below!

Apr 26 2016 — New themes

As part of the upcoming 0.4 release, Howl will include two new bundled themes that you can choose from: Monokai and Steinom. Below you’ll find brief descriptions and links to screenshots for both of these themes (click on the images to go the respective...

Sep 1 2015 — Howl 0.3 Released


The eagerly awaited 0.3 release of the Howl editor is finally here! Packed with new features and numerous enhancements, the 0.3 release takes a few big strides towards 1.0. You can download the latest version here. Highlights of this release are below and the full changelog since 0.2.1 is included at the bottom of this blog post.

It’s been a while since the 0.2.1 release, but that does not mean that development has been idling. Apart from the many things already packed in the 0.3 release, a lot of work has been put into a new, custom written editing engine code-named ‘aullar’. The 0.3 release marks the last Howl release to use the Scintilla editing engine - starting with 0.4 and going forward the new editing engine will be used. We’ll write more about the new editing engine in upcoming blog entries, so stay tuned!

Nov 13 2014 — Support for running external commands

Beginning with the upcoming 0.3 release of Howl, it’s now possible to launch and interact with external commands from within Howl.

Sep 12 2014 — New and Improved Search Commands

Among a slew of updates in the last few months, the Howl editor has received some exciting enhancements to its search capabilities in the unreleased master branch.